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IUMA: Mary Prankster

Mary Prankster began humbly as a one-woman acoustic act in Annapolis, MD, around five years ago. She gained a reputation for outrageous performances at local bars and coffeehouses that lead to every live music venue banning her for "controversial lyric content." She continued to perform and write, and has demonstrated consistent growth as artist and performer. She teamed up with Jon E. Cakes and Phil Tang in 1998 and released Blue Skies Over Dundalk, with the first single entitled "Tits and Whiskey." Then morning DJ on WHFS, Lou Brutus absolutely loved the song and invited Mary to perform on his show. Since then she has made more than 30 appearances on the HFS Morning Show and played such HFS-sponsored shows as the Nutcracker and the Fall Edition of the HFStival in 1999. The band's second CD, Roulette Girl, was voted the Best of Baltimore in 1999, and it was released in late November! The band has shared the stage with bands as diverse as the Violent Femmes, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, They Might Be Giants, and Nashville Pussy. In support of Roulette Girl, Mary Prankster continues to tour from North Carolina to Canada with much acclaim throughout the year, playing their specific brand of COWPUNK FOR THE 21ST CENTURY.

Similar Band: Hole (sort of)

Similar Band: Violent Femmes

Similar Band: Sleater-Kinney (but not riot-grrl)

Favorite Band: The Clash

Favorite Band: The Sex Pistols

Favorite Band: They Might Be Giants

We would like to tour with: The Reunited Clash

What will you buy when you make it big?: Microsoft

1 - Mary Prankster - 'Bastards'
[MusicBrainz (recording)]


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